1998 Assessment Report

The Impact of Survey Research-Based Assessment at NC State University PDF Document

University Planning and Analysis, June 1998
J. Joseph Hoey, Assistant Director, Evaluation and Policy Studies
Denise Gardner, Coordinator of Survey Research


In January, 1998, University Planning and Analysis surveyed administrators (N = 80) at NC State to ascertain the impact of providing student, alumni, and employer survey information. Forty-four responses were gained, a 55% response rate. Questions were concerned with the extent to which units had used survey information to assess their performance, to improve their environmental scanning efforts, and to take specific actions to realign, change, or improve their performance. Results revealed extensive impact on academic and administrative units. The greatest impact is apparent at the department level, where the use of survey information for planning and the extent of curricular change and innovation are particularly noteworthy. In administrative units, survey data is being used to focus on improving customer service, either the way it is measured or to improve service levels and customer satisfaction. Recommendations include the continuation of all surveys using the current large-sample methodology to enable trend comparisons for all sub-units. To assure reliable and valid information at the department level, student response to surveys should be established as a requirement.

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