Abbreviations & Acronyms

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Following are descriptions for acronyms and abbreviations that will help the reader navigate our website, the university, and the computing environment at OIRP.


CIP Classification of Instructional Programs (revised HEGIS code)
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
FSA Federal Student Aid
HEGIS Higher Education General Information Survey (1970)
HEOA Higher Education Opportunity Act
IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
NCES National Center for Educational Statistics
OCR Office of Civil Rights
OPE Office of Postsecondary Education
SOC Standard Occupational Classification System
SRK Student Right to Know [legislation and regulations]


AAHE American Association for Higher Education
AIR Association for Institutional Research
ASHE Association for the Study of Higher Education
CSRDE Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange
NACUBO Nat. Assoc. of College and University Business Officers
NCAIR North Carolina AIR
NEAIR North East AIR
NSF National Science Foundation
SACSCOC Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges
SAIR Southern AIR
SCAIR South Carolina AIR
SCUP Society for College and University Planning
SESUG Southeast SAS Users Group
SHEEO State Higher Education Executive Officers
SREB Southern Regional Education Board (Atlanta)
SUG Southern University Group


CQI Continuous Quality Improvement
HRDM Human Resource Data Mart
IE Institutional Effectivness
IR Institutional Research
OUC Organizational Unit Code (for each accounting entity)
PDF Personnel Data File
SDF Student Data File
SDFX Student Data File eXtended version (NCSU)
SDM Student Data Mart
SPM Space Planning and Management
OIRP Office of Institutional Research and Planning

UNC System Office

API Academic Program Inventory
EPA Exempt (from) Personnel Act (ended 2017)
EHRA Exempt (from) Human Resources Act (started 2017)
HEFC Higher Education Facilities Commission
NCHED North Carolina Higher Education Department
SHRA Subject (to) Human Resources Act (started 2017)
SPA Subject (to) Personnel Act (ended 2017)
SPRE State Post-Secondary Eligibility Review [Agency]
UNC-GA University of North Carolina-General Administration (ended 2018)
UNC-SO University of North Carolina System Office (started 2018)


Curriculum Set of courses leading to a degree program
Program Degree Program: discipline and level of degree
Track Alternative set of courses for a degree program