Assessment Work Group Meetings 2007-2008

The Assessment Work Group, (AWG) which includes assessment professionals from across campus and selected staff and faculty, focuses on improving communication, cooperation, and processes related to assessment at NC State University.

March 18, 2008


TOPICS included: Voluntary System of Accountability (VSA); writing outcomes that reflect more “administrative” areas; purpose of this group. The VSA includes two pages related to assessment: Student Experiences/Perceptions and Student Learning Outcomes. The group discussed how to develop these pages and the content of these two pages. Mike Carter lead a discussion about how to write expected outcomes for administrative units that reflect outcomes language. Discussion was lively about writing outcomes that include “impact” of the unit and expectations of the unit. The final topic was to discuss the purpose of the AWG. Kevin Rice lead a discussion about how to use a “fishbone technique” to facilitate a discussion about the purpose of AWG. The group decided this was a good technique and would be used at the next meeting.

November 7, 2007


The members of the group shared topics they were focusing on for the academic year. These included the following topics:

  • Accountability issues, including UNC-GA requirements
  • Administrative units developing outcomes assessment
  • Changes to General Education assessment
  • Annual reports by associate dean on program assessment reviewed by Allen and Pam
  • Graduate program assessment is progressing
  • College of Education is developing an electronic database and management tool
  • Student Affairs units provided their annual report this summer.

July 31, 2007


Topic: E-Portfolios. The July 31, 2007 Assessment Work Group met with Tom Miller, Lou Harrison and Donna Petherbridge from DELTA. We discussed what each person’s concerns were about e-portfolios, what were current needs, and what was the anticipated future for e-portfolios at NCSU. The College of Education has an immediate need for student e-portfolios, as the State will begin to review portfolios of seniors through electronic means beginning in 2008. Everyone discussed the growing “pockets” of uses of portfolios at the course level, with growing interest in uses for program assessment and college-wide assessments. It was suggested that Joni Spurlin begin to gather information of who was using e-portfolios, which specific tool, and why they were using it. The AWG and DELTA members will meet every few months to discuss this topic.

May 2, 2007


Nancy Whelchel presented the data about assessment and assessment services from the Faculty Well-Being Survey. The group discussed the results and issues that could be modified and wrote a report.