Biennium Enrollment Planning


2017 Enrollment Planning for Projections for 2018-19 and 2019-20

Welcome to the 2017 Planning Cycle. Since enrollment targets determine the size of the state appropriation for enrollment growth, it is important that we develop accurate, achievable enrollment targets. Deans, undergraduate and graduate associate deans, department heads, directors of graduate programs (DGPs) and distance education programs (DDEPs) are encouraged to thoroughly familiarize themselves with the information available here.

Process and Schedule

The Provost’s Office issues the initial call for enrollment projections to the colleges – deans, associate deans, heads, and program directors in August.  It is expected that the colleges submit proposed enrollment targets using an online tool found here Opens in New Tab. In addition to enrollment targets, we ask program directors to answer questions in the tools. The deans will review DGP submissions and create proposed enrollment plans to the Provost’s Office, which integrates them into a university plan and reviews them with the university’s Enrollment Planning Committee PDF Document.

The EPC evaluates the fit of the college plans with established enrollment trends and goals and provides feedback to the colleges, including information about implications of other colleges’ need for service courses. If appropriate, the deans revise their plans. The iterative, college-university discussion continues between deans and EPC until all college plans sum to a solid university plan. The EPC recommendation is submitted for consideration to the Provost, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business, and the Chancellor.

To meet the deadline established by the North Carolina Office of Budget and Management, the UNC System Office typically requires submission of budgeted enrollment projections early in the fall semester. Each year’s schedule is adjusted to fit that deadline.

Getting Started

Please review the Enrollment Planning Process, as outlined in the September 8, 2017 memorandum and the appropriate instructions prior to completing the Enrollment Planning Tool Opens in New Tab. The Enrollment Planning Tool Opens in New Tab includes supplemental information and describes the colleges, and DGPs who will be responsible for developing enrollment targets for the various graduate programs offered by NC State.