Enrollment Planning FAQ

Q1:  How are students counted who advance directly from a master’s to a doctoral program without applying again for admission to the Graduate School? Do we count them as new or as ontinuing students?

A1:  Students who move from Master’s programs to a doctoral program without receiving a degree are counted as new doctoral students. Students making this change should be counted in new doctoral student headcounts.

Q2:  How do we count study abroad students?

A2:  Count NC State students studying abroad in your headcount if they are registered at NC State. Don’t count them if they are not registered at NC State. For example:

1)  NC State students who register at NC State and pay NC State tuition, but they swap places with a foreign exchange student who takes their place at NC State. Count the NC State
student, but don’t count the foreign student.

2)  NC State students studying at a satellite campus, such as Prague or Madrid. They pay NC State
tuition and are taught by traveling NC State faculty. Count these students in your headcount.

3)  NC State students who do not register or pay tuition at NC State for the semester and who attend another university abroad, either through another American university or directly with the foreign university.  Exclude these from your headcount.