Funding Model Descriptions

Formula Funding

The SCHs projected this year for next year will determine the enrollment increase funding received during next year.  Note enrollment increase can be positive or negative.  Funding received this year was set by projections made last year.  There is no opportunity to change this year’s funding by offering more fundable courses during this year.

Tuition receipts are projected and this is then subtracted from the appropriation projection. This ensures the institution has a high incentive to hit projection targets.  This also means that a normal tuition increase does not increase the funds available for spending by the institution.  There is a special mechanism for a tuition increase that “stays on the campus” and does not offset appropriations.

NC State receives money from state appropriations only for fundable SCHs in on-model courses.

On-Model and Off-Model Courses

UNC System Office allows for certain courses to be taken off-model, these are courses that are significantly customized and are offered to a restricted audience. Permission to take a course off-model must be cleared through UNC System Office. None of the SCHs produced in off-model courses are fundable.

Examples at NC State are all Study Abroad courses, a specialized course for DNA analysis (ST610C), and courses offered through distance education to a restricted audience (AOMP).

All courses not cleared through UNC System Office are on-model.

Fundable and Non-Fundable SCHs

The on-model courses have (mostly) funded SCHs. The funding status of an SCH is determined by a set of rules published by UNC System Office.  Examples of non-fundable SCHs in an on-model course are exceptions made by the legislature, UNC System Office, or other policies.  These are currently employee waivers for taking a tuition-free course and tuition waivers for children of emergency workers killed in the line of duty.

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