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How the Results Are Used

How ClassEval results are used is a common question received from students.  ClassEval results are considered a part of the employee’s personnel record and cannot be released per the following North Carolina general statute “The Privacy of State Employee Personnel Records” which governs this data.  The full text of this statute can be found here External Link particularly 126-24 and 126-27.  Due to this it is not always obvious how, and if these results are used.  Below is just a sample of the various ways these evaluation results are used by instructors, their supervisors, and the university at large.

  • Most importantly, instructors use student ratings and comments to improve their teaching methods and course content.
  • Instructors evaluate delivery methods for course content such as online tools, interactive media, etc.
  • Department heads use the information to assign courses to faculty.
  • Department heads use results to evaluate instructors for salary increases and promotions.
  • A summary of teaching evaluations is included in faculty portfolios when a faculty member is considered for tenure.
  • Some instructors use the information when applying for grants or awards.
  • New courses may be added, discontinued, or altered based on this feedback.