ClassEval Fall Semester Reports Available

Instructor reports from ClassEval for the fall 2022 first and second eight week sessions and full semester courses are now available.

The instructor reports may be found here: ClassEval Instructor Reports. At this site, instructors may follow a path to their own evaluations. Only you and your department head have access to your evaluations

Also, instructor Reports are available to department heads and deans. Department head and dean reports may be found here: ClassEval Dean and Department Head Reports.

College and departmental mean reports can be found here:  Please note that the department mean for undergraduate courses was calculated using only undergraduate courses. The mean for graduate courses was calculated using only graduate courses.

Combined sections have multiple links to one report. The statistics and populations are for all sections together. Combined sections with 3 sections combined will have 3 links. Links to combined section always display the report for the designated primary course (alphabetically first course). For Example, the primary course is LOG 398 when combining sections LOG 398 and MA 398. Following the link for MA 398 report will display the report for LOG 398 (the primary course for the combined sections).

Open-end question comments are arranged so all the comments from one student are aggregated with hyphens used to separate them from other students.

These reports are considered personnel records and are protected by law and university policy. Accordingly, they are secured through multiple strategies: you will need your unity ID and password to reach reports, and the entire website is secure. In addition, the data are behind a firewall and enjoy the same protection that the university provides to all personnel and student data.

If you have any difficulty accessing this site or reports please contact the NCSU help desk,