ClassEval Open For Fall 2018 Full Semester Courses


Great news, ClassEval is now open for you to submit your opinion on your courses this session. ClassEval will close Monday December 10th at 8am! Don’t delay or you risk missing this valuable chance to grade your courses. This is a limited window so respond as soon as you can!

Follow This link to your Surveys =>

Did you like something this session? Hate something this session? We need to know. Please inform your instructors with an on-line survey of your experience in your classes this session. ClassEval is an important part of the instructional process.

ClassEval is confidential. Instructors do not know your responses. Instructors only see a summarized report, and that is only after the final grades deadline on December 20th.

All students enrolled in surveyed classes as-of Monday November 26th will receive an evaluation opportunity.


It is important to let your students know now to submit their evaluations. They may complete them both by desktop and mobile devices and update them as desired throughout the survey process.

Please remind your students how ClassEval is an important part of the instructional process and is used. Ask them to logon and respond to the surveys for your classes.

Daily reminders will be sent to students enrolled in surveyed classes as of November 26th.

To view current university ClassEval response rates and statistics you may visit the ClassEval Dashboard here:

To view your current response rates, enter your Unity ID in the ClassEval dashboard here: