ClassEval Question Bank Open for Fall 2019 Full Semester Courses

For Deans, Department Heads, and Faculty / Instructors in Fall 2019:

The opportunity to add new questions to the Question Bank (Q-Bank) for use in Fall full semester Class Evaluation Surveys this semester is now open.

The new-question window opens 8 am Monday, November 4th and will close 5 pm Friday, November 8th. Note this is a one week time span. Don’t delay if you need to add a newly worded question.

There are over a thousand existing questions, so give the current Q-bank a close look before adding new questions. Newly added questions will be reviewed, and edited if necessary. Questions will be edited if spelling, phrasing, or question construction is improper. (EG. Double-barreled questions will be altered.) Questions will be deleted if is a duplicate of an existing question.

Access will be through your unity ID from the link on the ISA ClassEval Question Bank Page.

The second window for Q-bank access will give you the opportunity to attach unique questions from the Question Bank to the ClassEval survey for a class. There will be an email announcing this second phase as well as a corresponding news item on our website.

An announcement email was also sent to instructors of all surveyed sections in Fall 2019, department heads, and deans.