Digital Measures becoming Watermark Faculty Success

Watermark is the parent company of Digital Measures which is one of many products that they offer.  With this new name, Watermark strives to more clearly articulate the product’s core purpose through descriptive wording that reflects your point of view and how the product supports the institution’s efforts to inspire progress.

Over the coming months you’ll see the new Faculty Success name start to appear on both our website and Watermark’s, in our conversations and support materials, and visually in the product itself. This transition will be gradual, with a bridge period where both the old and new names appear together, to help make the adjustment easier for all stakeholders. And the in-product changes will be visual and text-based; no functionality, workflows or URLs are changing.

On August 10th Watermark will introduce the first round of updates to reflect Digital Measures’ new name, Watermark Faculty Success, including:

  • the Watermark App Bar, which includes the new product logo
  • the Watermark Footer
  • new fonts to align with the Watermark brand and styles

On August 10th we will also update the links on the ISA website to reflect the new Faculty Success name.

The New App Bar

The App Bar at the top of the screen brings the product logo from the upper right to the upper left, with the “formerly Digital Measures” language present to provide visual confirmation that it’s the same product. You’ll also notice that the links to help resources, notifications, and the buttons to log in and out and to toggle between products are also moving up.

The Watermark Footer

This footer provides users with a consistent place to locate the Sitemap for the solution they’re working in, as well as Watermark’s Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Accessibility Policy.

Updated Fonts

The new fonts are subtly different but align with the styles in the Watermark brand.