Important changes to Spring 2020 ClassEval

Based on feedback from the Evaluation of Teaching Faculty Standing Committee, department heads and others, ClassEval will be modified for the Spring 2020 semester. Questions will be open-ended and give students an opportunity to provide feedback about courses both prior to and after spring break. Results from Spring 2020 student course evaluations will be provided to instructors and department heads but will not be included in the ClassEval reports that are generated for inclusion in reappointment, promotion and tenure dossiers. Additionally, department heads and program directors are strongly advised not to over-rely on these data in decision-making regarding appointments and contracts, as Spring 2020 ClassEval results are unlikely to fully reflect an instructor’s teaching performance. Research suggests that evaluating instruction using multiple measures, including but not limited to ClassEval, can produce more useful results compared to using ClassEval alone. This is especially true for semesters in which significant disruptions have occurred.