ISA Website Wins Accessibility Award

Each year the NC State University Office of IT Accessibility [contentblock id=4 img=html.png] sponsors an annual Web Accessibility Challenge in honor of the Global Accessibility Awareness Day [contentblock id=4 img=html.png] on May 16th.  This challenge is open to campus website owners and designers to make accessibility a priority on their website.  They compete to improve their website’s accessibility score as well as bring recognition to the importance of making sure websites are built and maintained with accessibility in mind.

Awards are given in two categories:  those that improve their overall accessibility by the greatest percentage and those that have accessibility errors on 10 percent or lower of their pages.  This is achieved with an initial scan at the beginning of March and again at the end of March to gauge improvements.  For 2019 the Institutional Strategy and Analysis website was awarded for making the greatest percentage improvement in it’s accessibility score for a site of 500-1500 pages.  As an office we will continue to improve and maintain a high standard of accessibility for our online community.

2019 NC State Website Accessibility Challenge champions [contentblock id=4 img=html.png]