May 2021 Undergraduate and Graduate Future Plans Survey Reports Available

Results from the May 2021 Future Plans Surveys, which ask graduating students about their employment, further education, job search, the career services and resources they used while at NC State, and their overall satisfaction with their college experience, are now available on the ISA website.

The pdf reports for the May 2021 Future Plans Survey of graduating college seniors include an introduction and methodology report, an overview report of all respondents, and summary reports broken out by college and department. The reports for the May 2021 Graduate Future Plans Survey, administered to master’s and doctoral degree earners, include an introduction and methodology report and an overview report. A copy of each questionnaire is also available.

The ISA Post Graduate Employment Information application has also been updated. The interactive application shows the breakdown of response rates, the number of graduates with full-time employment or attending graduate or professional school, and the average and median starting salary. Users have the option to filter by degree (bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral), college, and academic program. If you have any questions or difficulty accessing the results, please contact