New Digital Measures Navigation June 29th

Digital Measures Activity Insight is introducing a streamlined menu bar and more working space on your screen.

Menu bar at the top.

Like many applications you’re familiar with, the menu bar for Activity Insight is now at the top of your screen. It features drop down menus for the tools you use, such as reporting.

Lots of elbow room.

The new position of the menu bar frees up screen space so it’s easier to enter your activities into Activity Insight.

Sizing to fit your screen.

The system now resizes to fit the screen you’re working on, from desktop to tablet, laptop to mobile phone. Virtually all of your screen is now working space, regardless of the device you’re using.

Better organization of the Activity Insight home page.

Along with the update to the Digital Measures navigation system we are taking the opportunity to also update the organization of the various screens with in Digital Measures to ensure that they are more logically grouped.  Also those screens and areas used most are now found at the top of the screen for faster access.

Digital Measure Old Home Screen Digital Measures new Home Screen


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