Second Fall ClassEval Snapshots Published (Full Semester, First Eight Weeks)

The second draft of the course list for fall first eight week and full semester courses is available. Faculty should take time now to check their sections to see that the correct evaluation status is set. Please work with the appropriate scheduling officer or Registration and Records to make needed changes.

The final course list snapshot will be published on, or around, October 3rd for first eight week courses and October 29th for full semester courses.

Please remember only scheduling officers and registration and records can make any changes to your course settings so please direct requests appropriately to ensure changes are made as quickly as possible.

The evaluation status is in the “Included for ClassEval” column, if the status is “No” there will be no survey and the reasons are listed.

Notes and reminders:
– Sections with both Classroom instructor (CI) and Instructor of Record (IOR) will only evaluate the CI.
– Percent effort is no longer used in decision to evaluate.

Enrollment < 5 always excludes a class no matter what the other conditions are. The blanket catalog # exclusions remain the same, consult the exceptions page for details.

This message is for instructors of sections as of September 3rd, as well as department heads and designees.