Sophomore Survey LIVE: February 1 – February 23, 2022

The NC State Sophomore Survey is administered every three years to second-semester sophomores, i.e., those who had completed 45-59 credit hours by the end of the Fall semester. Eligible students will get an email invitation from Chancellor Woodson asking them to complete the survey, which is available online  at The survey asks students about their overall satisfaction at NC State; their assessment of faculty contributions to their educational experience; satisfaction with academic and non-academic support services; supportiveness of the campus climate; self-rated knowledge, skills, and development with respect to a wide range of goals NC State has for undergraduates; and their participation in co-curricular activities and enriching educational experiences. In addition to administering the survey, ISA is also responsible for analyzing the data and preparing and distributing the reports on results to units across campus. Results from previous years of the survey are posted on the ISA website.