NC State Regulation on Surveys

In May, 2015 the University approved a Regulation related to surveys that target NC State students, alumni, faculty, staff or administrators.  The goal of the Regulation is to help minimize survey fatigue on campus and to better enable researchers to collect meaningful and useful data.  To accomplish these goals the Regulation establishes processes to:

  • Prioritize surveys being administered by NC State faculty, staff, and students for, e.g., scholarly research, program evaluation, etc.;
  • Coordinate the timing, and, when possible, content of survey activities;
  • Centralize and track the selection of survey populations and samples

For those affiliated with NC State (e.g., current faculty, staff, students) the Regulation simply means that researchers are responsible for registering their survey.  Those not affiliated with NC State who wish to include our students, faculty or staff in their survey population must submit a proposal that will undergo a review and approval process by the NC State Survey Advisory Committee.

Note: If someone at NC State is asked by a person outside the university to assist in the administration of their survey (e.g., announce it in class, post information to a listserv, provide contact information), they should direct the person making the request to this webpage.