Spring 2014 Staff Well-Being Survey



An MS Word copy of the questionnaire, including frequencies and percents, and when relevant, mean ratings for response to all questions.  Results include both those from the 2014 Staff Well-Being Survey, and, when comparable, from the 2008 Staff Well-Being Survey.  Notable differences in ratings between the two years are highlighted.

  • Results by:
    • College/Division
    • Employment Profile
      (EPA/SPA, occupational classification, supervise others, on/off-campus, number of years employed at NC State)
    • Demographic Profile
      (gender, race/ethnicity, age, LGBT status, disability status, veteran status, native-English speaker)
  • Summaries of Open-End Comments: What staff say, in their own words (coming soon)
    • Why consider leaving NC State
    • Most positive aspects working at NC State and suggestions for improvements
  •  Presentations
    • Think and Do: Using the 2014 Staff Well-Being Survey Results to Make NC State an Even Better Place to Work PDF Document
      Submitted by Deb Collins Luckadoo, Director of Staff Diversity, Office of Equity and Diversity, Spring 2016
      Recommendations arising from the 2014 Staff Well-Being Survey results, prepared by the University Diversity and Advisory Council Staff Recruitment and Retention Task Force, the Staff Well-Being Survey Work Group, and the Staff Diversity Advisory Board
    • Staff Diversity Advisory Board
      November 4, 2014
      Presentation includes:
      – Brief overview of research methods
      – Brief overview of research methods
      – Highest and lowest rated items overall
      – Trend comparisons (Items rated more favorably than in the 2008 SWBS & items rated less favorably than in the 2008 SWBS)
      – Detailed results on measures of overall satisfaction (all respondents and by demographic groups); including responses to open-end questions on why considered leaving NC State, the most positive aspects in working here, and suggestions for improvements;
      – Detailed results on questions related to multiculturalism and diversity (all respondents and by demographic group)
    • Staff Senate
      January 7, 2015