2021 Baccalaureate Alumni Survey

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Reports, Data, and Documentation

Dashboards  (Table and charts with overall results, and by college, gender, and race/ethnicity)

Unit-Record Results, by College

  • Current Employment
    (Detailed information including name of employer, location, job description, and salary)
  • Further Education 
    (Detailed information on graduate and professional degrees completed and being pursued,
    including institution and program of study)

2021 Alumni Survey Questionnaire PDF Document


Data Source:
All data in these reports come from the 2021 Alumni Survey.

Recommended Citation:
Institutional Strategy and Analysis. (2021). 2021 Alumni Survey: [Name of Report]. NC State University. Retrieved [date] from [report url].

For more information on the Alumni Survey, contact:
Institutional Strategy and Analysis
Box 7002
NC State University
Phone: (919) 515-4184
Email: studentsurveys@ncsu.edu


Posted: January 2022