2021 Baccalaureate Alumni Survey

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Reports, Data, and Documentation

Verbatim Responses: PDF Document
What alumni report as being their most positive experiences at NC State, and suggestions they have for improvement, in their own words 

Dashboards  (Table and charts with overall results, and by college, gender, and race/ethnicity)

Unit-Record Results, by College

  • Current Employment
    (Detailed information including name of employer, location, job description, and salary)
  • Further Education 
    (Detailed information on graduate and professional degrees completed and being pursued,
    including institution and program of study)

2021 Alumni Survey Questionnaire PDF Document


Data Source:
All data in these reports come from the 2021 Alumni Survey.

Recommended Citation:
Institutional Strategy and Analysis. (2021). 2021 Alumni Survey: [Name of Report]. NC State University. Retrieved [date] from [report url].

For more information on the Alumni Survey, contact:
Institutional Strategy and Analysis
Box 7002
NC State University
Phone: (919) 515-4184
Email: studentsurveys@ncsu.edu


Posted: January 2022