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COACHE Faculty Satisfaction Survey: Live February 5 – April 1

Since 2005, NC State has actively engaged in the national Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) Faculty Satisfaction survey, developed and administered by the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. The COACHE survey is a comprehensive, confidential, assessment tool that gauges satisfaction and engagement among both tenured/tenure-track and professional track faculty on a broad range of work-related experiences. Survey results provide benchmarks against institutional peers, as well as comparisons between groups of faculty at NC State, and trends over time. Results inform university leaders of trends and issues involving faculty satisfaction, with the data generated providing justification and evidence for updating policies and implementing initiatives.

NC State is now asking faculty to participate in the spring 2024 COACHE survey, which is live from February 5 until about April 1. We strongly encourage robust participation to ensure continued valuable impact for both colleges and the university.  Eligible faculty members will receive an email and follow-up reminders directly from COACHE that includes a unique URL to access their survey. The confidential survey should take about 25 minutes to complete.

More detailed information about the survey, including eligibility criteria, how confidentiality is protected, a summary of topics included, links to reports on past results, examples of how the data have been (and will be) used at NC State, and who to contact for more information, is available at