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Current and Upcoming Surveys

Institutional Strategy and Analysis is responsible for administering and overseeing the administration of a robust series of surveys of NC State students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Below are links to information about ISA surveys currently being administered, and to our five-year survey schedule for routinely administered surveys. In addition, based on information provided through the University Regulation on such activities, we have created and made available a calendar with information about student, alumni, faculty, and staff surveys being administered by other individuals/offices.

Current Surveys

  • The Graduating Senior Survey is live from the start of the fall semester until the end of the spring semester. AY 2022-2023 is what we call an “insert year,” during which ISA administers a series of program-specific surveys rather than the single, campus-wide questionnaire for all graduating seniors, which is administered every three years. In AY 2022-2023, most colleges, and several academic departments, are asking their graduating seniors to respond to a relatively brief program-specific questionnaire. (Note: Double majors can complete a program-specific survey for each of their majors.) Programs use results from these surveys for their assessment activities and, in many cases, accreditation reporting requirements. All seniors graduating in December 2022 or May 2023 are encouraged to participate and share their opinions and experiences. (Those graduating from programs not administering a survey will be automatically exited from the survey.) The survey is available online at
  • The December 2023 Future Plans Survey is NOW LIVE! The Future Plans Survey collects detailed information on graduating students’ post-graduate plans for employment and further education, as well as their use of and satisfaction with NC State career-related resources and services. All undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students who have applied to graduate in the Fall 2023 semester will receive an invitation and follow-up emails with the link to participate, or they can access the survey using the following go-links: (graduating undergraduates) or (graduating master’s and doctoral students). As an incentive, those who submit the survey by the January 5 deadline will be entered into a drawing for an Amazon eGift Card. To view past results, visit the ISA website:

Upcoming Surveys


  • ISA Schedule of Routine Surveys
    The five-year schedule, including administration date and when reports are typically available, for surveys routinely administered by ISA
  • NC State Survey Activities Calendar
    Information about survey activities in which NC State students, alumni, faculty, and/or staff have been or will be asked to participate