Current and Upcoming Surveys

Institutional Strategy and Analysis is responsible for administering and overseeing the administration of a robust series of surveys of NC State students, alumni, faculty, and staff. Below are links to information about ISA surveys currently being administered, and to our five-year survey schedule for routinely administered surveys. In addition, based on information provided through the University Regulation on such activities, we have created and made available a calendar with information about student, alumni, faculty, and staff surveys being administered by other individuals/offices.

Live Surveys

  • The Survey of Recent Graduates, an annual survey of recent alumni, is now live between September 6 and October 5. All bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree earners who did not complete the December ’21 or May ’22 Future Plans Survey, who had undefined plans at graduation, or who recently graduated in Summer I or II have received an email survey invitation from Chancellor Woodson and will receive follow-up reminder emails through the month of September. The SRG collects detailed information on graduates’ future plans, including employment and job search characteristics, further education plans, and the career services and resources they used and found helpful while at NC State. The most recent Academic Year (AY20-21) reports can be found on the ISA website.
  • The Incoming First-Year Student Survey and Incoming Transfer Student Survey are live from June 12, 2022 through September 12, 2022. All incoming first-year and transfer students should be on the lookout for an email invitation from Chancellor Woodson asking them to complete the survey. The First-Year Student Survey is available at the Transfer Student Survey is available at


  • ISA Schedule of Routine Surveys PDF Document
    The five-year schedule, including administration date and when reports are typically available, for surveys routinely administered by ISA.