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Administering a Survey at NC State

In May, 2015, the University approved a Regulation on surveys of NC State students, alumni, faculty, and staff. The primary objective of the Regulation is to minimize survey fatigue and, ultimately, help improve the quality and usefulness of survey data collected for institutional and scholarly activities. The links below provide detailed information to make sure those wanting to administer a survey to members of the NC State community are aware of and in compliance with all procedures outlined in the Regulation.

  • NC State Regulation on Surveys External Link
    Read the Regulation and associated documentation
  • Register Your Survey
    Prior to administering a survey, both those affiliated with NC State and those outside NC State must register their surveys; go here for more information and links to the forms
  • Survey Populations/Samples
    Get information on how to coordinate with ISA to identify your survey population and, when appropriate, select a sample for your survey, as required by the Regulation