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ClassEval is the online based course evaluation application for NC State University courses.  All courses are not excluded by the ClassEval exclusion guidelines are evaluated at the end of the course session window.  Course evaluation results are published following the final grades deadline for the associated session.  Below you may learn more about ClassEval and how it functions within the university.

  • About Class Eval
    Provides an overview of Policy, background, schedule, and evaluation instruments used for course evaluation.
  • For Instructors & Department Heads
    Guidelines for implementation of ClassEval, information for Syllabi, ClassEval results, and the Question Bank for adding additional questions to the standard evaluation instruments.
  • For Students
    Overview of the ClassEval process, how results are used, how confidentiality is protected, and the link to the ClassEval system.
  • ClassEval Results
    Results for faculty, Department Heads,and Deans as well as college and departmental means for each semester and session.