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Class Exclusion Guidelines for ClassEval

With few exceptions, the following classes should be excluded from ClassEval:

General course exclusions:
VM – Classes with prefix “VMB”, “VMC” and “VMP” offered by CVM (which has its own academic calendar and evaluation system).  For information regarding CVM evaluations you may contact

OTH – Classes taken by NC State students but not taught by NC State faculty
(e.g., classes with a prefix of SAO, II, JDP, COP, AVS, AA, or NSE)

Specific exclusion guidelines:
1. Sections with fewer than 5 students enrolled when the final snapshot is taken. Judicial exclusions (Grading Basis = JUD) will count as an enrollment for meeting the 5 student minimum.

2. Internships, field placements, independent studies, and any other classes in which the instructor does not present course material to the class as a group, as identified by the following course numbers:
A.  29x and 49x with no topic id
B.  60x and 62x through 699
C.  61x with no topic id
D.  80x and 82x through 89x
E.  81x with no topic id
F.  Section numbers 510 through 599 ( DE study abroad non NCSU faculty)
G.  Graduate Research and/or independent study courses where student select instructor.

3.  Sections whose title begins with “ST-“, “SP-“, or “SPTP-” and with no topic id. Special topics courses are typically those with course numbers of x92 or x95.

Note from R&R: While we no longer use ST, SP, or SPTP to identify special topics-type courses, any special topics course with no topic ID applied will not be evaluated.

4.  Sections without an instructor listed in the Registration and Records Student Information System (SIS).  Prior to September 1, 2011 instructors who had zero percent responsibility were also excluded.  Percent responsibility for an instructor is no longer used to determine ClassEval eligibility.

5.  Lab and problem sections whose instructor is the same as the corresponding lecture section. This avoids duplication of the evaluation questionnaire for the same instructor.

6. Courses tagged as Instructor Edit.

7. Eight week modular courses will not be excluded from ClassEval.  Maymester courses are also not excluded.

Note:  Combined sections (cross-listed or piggy-backed courses) are evaluated as one course if their connection is noted correctly in SIS.  Evaluation results are combined to make a single report.  However, if these courses are not correctly identified as combined sections (cross-listed or piggy-backed) in SIS, then they will be treated as distinct courses.  For the purpose of this list, enrollment on the course list is a dot (‘.’) for combined sections (cross-listed or piggy-backed courses) when enrollment is rolled to another section.