For The Pack

Institutional Strategy and Analysis provides the NC State community with a variety of analytical and information services. These services help ensure that internal audiences receive reliable, consistent, and up-to-date data to assist in university governance, high-level decision-making and campus planning efforts.


Learn about and access this application that equips students to provide confidential course feedback to instructors, department heads, deans and NC State.

Program Assessment

Create annual academic assessment reports necessary for NC State’s continued accreditation.

Institutional Data Profiles

Access and analyze data related to NC State’s major areas of focus in online and downloadable formats.


Learn how to create a Qualtrics account under the NC State license, and get information on best practices for use.

Academic Analytics

Access and analyze data on NC State’s faculty scholarship.

Faculty Success

(formerly Digital Measures)
Access and learn how to use this faculty activity reporting system.

Administration Leadership Meetings (ALM).

Access documentation from NC State Administration Leadership Meetings (ALM).


Review detailed current and historical data for NC State.