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About ClassEval

ClassEval is the NC State online course evaluation system. Critical features of ClassEval include:

  • The results are confidential.  Instructors are unable to isolate a single student’s responses, and users other than instructors and department heads are unable to isolate the results for a single instructor.
  • All courses in all terms, including distance education courses, are evaluated.  There are a few exceptions.
  • Every Instructor and TA listed by departmental scheduling officers as having a percent of instruction greater than zero is evaluated.
  • Students taking classes with multiple instructors will be prompted to evaluate every instructor.
  • Instructors of lab sections will also be evaluated and instructors of cross-listed and piggy-backed courses will receive a single report for the entire class regardless of how the students registered for it.
  • A central office, Institutional Strategy Analysis, coordinates administration and reporting.  Only the staff person who creates the reports has access to the data.
  • Instructors and department heads receive standard reports.
  • The evaluation consists of a common core of questions which include 12 close-ended questions and three open-ended questions. Four additional close-ended questions and one open-ended question are added for lab sections and distance education courses specific to each type of course.
  • Colleges, departments, and individual faculty members can add their own, individual questions.
  • The system will be assessed regularly and improvements made.  Of primary concern is a response rate adequate to assure a valid assessment of instruction sufficient for use in promotion, tenure, and merit.

Class Evaluation is a partnership among several entities.

  • The University Standing Committee on the Evaluation of Teaching Committee (EOTC) External Link is the governance body responsible for monitoring and enhancing the evaluation process.  The EOTC oversees the online system, including the common core of questions included on the instrument, reporting policies, and regular evaluation of the system..
  • Institutional Strategy and Analysis (ISA) is responsible for hosting questionnaires, communicating with student to administer the surveys, creating the database, and for administering the system consistent with the advice of EOTC and University Regulations and Policies. ISA also provides information about the system, solicits individualized questions, constructs the questionnaire, prepares a clean data file, generates and distributes reports, and evaluates the system.  ISA is responsible for hosting the server to communicate with students and house the ClassEval application.

Background – History of ClassEval at NC State

Schedule – A listing of the important dates for ClassEval as well as information on how to subscribe to the ClassEval Google Calendar

Instruments – The standard ClassEval survey instruments for on-campus courses, on-campus lab courses, and distance education courses

Reports and Data Security – Information regarding report access and data security

ClassEval FAQ PDF Document – The Evaluation of Teaching Committee (EOTC) External Link maintains a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document about common concerns and myths about online evaluations.  It also contains suggestions on improving response rates for courses.