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There are different questionnaires for on-campus PDF Document classes, on-campus w/ lab PDF Document, and for distance education PDF Document classes. Each are composed of twelve closed-ended questions and three open-ended questions that constitute the common core of all questionnaires. An additional four close-ended question and one open-ended question are added for lab or distance education courses. The Evaluation of Teaching Committee (EOTC) External Link is responsible for selecting and amending these core questions.

Individual instructors, departments, and colleges may add up to seven closed-ended questions and six additional open-ended questions to the common core set of questions for full fall or spring semester courses.  Individuals may develop their own questions to address special interests, such as special classes, experimental classes, pedagogical innovations, or a particular issue.  ISA administers a process for soliciting these questions and has developed a question bank to help individuals and units customize their evaluations.

Every three years the EOTC will review the core questions for each instrument and recommend any changes.  EOTC will settle issues related to the content of the questionnaire.