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Survey Populations/Samples

NC State’s efforts to minimize survey fatigue on campus include processes for centralizing the identification of survey populations and, when appropriate, selecting random samples. As per Regulation 01.25.17 External Link, researchers are to work with ISA to obtain contact information for the members of their survey population/sample. This allows ISA to track the extent to which specific groups and/or individuals are being included in survey populations, and, when possible, systematically select samples to limit the number of times any given individual is included in a sample.

Researchers are advised to contact ISA at least 4 weeks prior to when they are planning on having their survey go live to discuss the survey population and sampling strategies. Researchers must then submit the Sample Request and Confidentiality Agreement Form before ISA will select the population/sample and provide the requested contact information. Please download the form PDF Document, complete it, and return via email to