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NC State Survey Activities Schedule

The calendars below provide information about survey activities in which NC State students, alumni, faculty, and/or staff have been or will be asked to participate. The purpose of the calendars is to help inform the campus community about the extent of surveying on campus, and to enable those planning on doing a survey to identify and avoid peak survey times for their respective populations. For information about recurring surveys that will be .administered by Institutional Strategy and Analysis over the next six academic years please see the ISA Schedule of Recurring Surveys PDF Document.

Click on the name of the survey in the calendars below to see who is responsible for administering it, when it will be in the field, and who is included in the survey population. There is also a link to access more detailed information about the project, including topics covered in the survey.

All information is based on that provided in the NC State Survey Registration Form.  If you are planning on administering a survey to NC State students, faculty, staff, and/or administrators please complete the Survey Registration Form External Link to have your survey added to the calendar.

Surveys of NCSU Students/Alumni 

Surveys of NCSU Employees (i.e., Administrators, Faculty, and/or Staff)

NOTE: If there are five or more surveys on a given day, you might need to click on the “Agenda” view option (to the right of the ‘Month’ option) to be able to access information about each of them.