OIRP Mission & Vision

OIRP Mission

The mission of Office of Institutional Research and Planning (OIRP) is to help decision-makers make informed decisions.

  • Through planning, we help the university and its constituent parts articulate broad strategies that address critical challenges and exploit opportunities, so that decisions are consistent with an overall vision.
  • Through institutional research, we provide information and analysis, so that decisions are based on the facts.
  • Through assessment, we help the university and its parts evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of their initiatives, programs, and services, so that decisions reflect what really works.

This mission is accomplished through OIRP’s primary functions that incorporate planning, institutional research and assessment.

OIRP’s Vision

OIRP’s value to NC State will continue to grow as its campus clients increasingly view business intelligence, planning, and evaluation as essential for building an excellent university. NC State’s executive officers, college leadership, faculty, staff, and students will rely on OIRP resources to make critical strategic decisions. All of OIRP’s clients, including external clients like UNC System Office, will be wholly satisfied with the quality of information and services they receive from OIRP.

ISA’s Planning & Assessment Activities

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OIRP’s Annual Report

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