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Implementation Insights

ISA’s Courtney Thornton, Associate VP for Strategy, Implementation and Communication, holds every-other-month calls with each FY22-24 implementation plan contact to learn about their latest progress and foreseeable challenges. Each month, she’ll be using this space to 1) raise awareness about completed or ongoing initiatives; 2) help initiatives seek input or feedback from the university community, or 3) share high-level, cross-cutting observations related to implementation and success.

This inaugural Implementation Insights is focused on change management – developing and delivering strategies and processes to prepare and support individuals, teams or organizations in adopting a change. 

Several of NC State’s implementation plan initiatives are intended to dramatically alter business practices or introduce new ways of working. Change management can help individuals feel more informed and involved in a change process. It can help mediate the risks that accompany change and allow teams to realize the benefits of change more quickly. Some peer universities employ trained staff to help units walk successfully through major change initiatives. SHARE YOUR FEEDBACK. Have you ever felt well-prepared for a major change that affected how you perform your role at NC State? What actions or events helped you feel prepared? Tell us about it here.