Create an Account

Outlined below is the process for creating a new Qualtrics account under the NC State license. Each new user MUST create his/her own individual account and complete all of the steps EXACTLY as outlined below in order to successfully create an account and be able to activate surveys. Please read this page carefully before clicking on the link below.

  1. Access the NC State Qualtrics New User Form via the link below. A completed form must be submitted for all new Qualtrics accounts.
  2. Provide the requested information in the form. Make a note of the “access code” that will be provided at the end of the New User Form.
  3. Submit the New User Form. You will then be sent to a redirection page. Click the link to be taken to the Qualtrics registration page.
  4. On the registration form, enter the requested information. Specifically:
    • Enter your NCSU email address and the access code provided on your New User Form. Then click “Sign me up!” You will not be able to create an account without an NCSU email address.
    • Qualtrics will send an email to the address you provided on the Qualtrics Registration page asking you activate your account by clicking on a link in the email.
    • After activating your account, you will be asked to create a password. You will then be ready to begin using Qualtrics!

Complete the New User Form and create your Qualtrics account External Link .

If you previously created a Qualtrics account outside of the ISA registration process using your NCSU email address, your account will have limited permissions. See the FAQ page for instructions on moving your account to the NC State license.