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Support & Contact Info

Qualtrics is a do-it-yourself, customizable tool for creating and distributing online surveys. Like any online software service, there may be a learning curve, and survey projects can be as simple or as complex as needed. While the NC State brand administrators do not have the bandwidth to provide individualized training or research support, the following resources are available to all users under the NC State license.

If you are new to Qualtrics and seeking training resources:

If you have a question about a specific Qualtrics feature:

  • The Qualtrics Support External Link website contains hundreds of articles covering each section and feature of the platform. Think of this as a dynamic user manual.
  • If you can’t find an answer on the support site, reach out to Qualtrics Support directly. (Free 24/7 access to Support for all users is included in our university license, so use it!)
    • Log into Qualtrics and click on the question mark icon in the upper right corner.
    • Click on “Contact Support” from the support menu.
    • Select the area of the platform for which you are seeking help (this will be “Survey Platform and XM Directory” 99% of the time).
    • Based on your selection, you may have the option to contact Support via Live Chat, a Phone Call, or Email.

If you are seeking general survey research and questionnaire design support:

  • The Data and Visualization External Link department at the NC State University Libraries has consultants who can provide help with data and visualization software, data analysis, and other research questions.

If you are experiencing technical issues or have questions about your account permissions or settings:

  • Contact the NC State brand administrators at
  • Provide your name, the email address associated with your account, and a brief description of your request
  • Requests for which you must contact the brand administrators for assistance include:
    • Forgetting your account password
    • Getting an error message about restricted questions when you try to activate a survey or upload a .QSF file
    • Reaching your question/active survey limit
    • Seeking permission to view restricted data
    • Transferring survey ownership
    • Creating and managing Qualtrics groups
    • Closing or moving accounts to a new license