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Campus Climate Survey


The Campus Climate Survey asks undergraduate and graduate students to reflect on their experiences at NC State, both overall and as related to diversity and inclusion. Topics covered in the survey include classroom experiences, use of student services, interactions with others on campus, and participation in multicultural and other activities. The survey also asks respondents their opinions on the importance of diversity in higher education and the extent to which NC State emphasizes and supports diversity on campus, and about experiences that have potentially shaped their own attitudes about diversity. The survey includes a wide range of demographic questions, allowing results to be broken out not just by, for example, gender and race/ethnicity, but also by sexual orientation, disability status, age (traditional versus ‘nontraditional’), socioeconomic status, first-generation student versus non-first generation, and U.S. versus international residency status. Results are available for NC State undergraduate and graduate students overall, by demographic group, and by College.


Trend Reports