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Program-Specific Insert Surveys

To assist NC State colleges, departments, and programs get data specific to their assessment needs, ISA will include “insert” surveys along with the Graduating Senior (GSS) and Alumni surveys. An insert survey consists of questions developed by an individual academic unit, and is answered by only those students/alumni in/from that unit.

Filling out a form with a Number 2 pencil. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD
  • ISA provides associate deans, department heads, and designated survey contacts within each department complete information about inserts the semester before they are to be administered, and assists in all facets of their design, including:
    • What questions to ask
    • How to word questions
    • How to order questions
    • How to decide on response options
  • ISA does all necessary programming, administers the insert along with the campus-wide survey, analyzes the data, and provides the college/department/program with the final data
    and results. (Insert results will not be posted to the public ISA web site.)

Insert Administrations and Revisions

As a rule, in order to minimize survey fatigue we no longer administer insert surveys during the years in which the campus-wide triennial Graduating Senior Survey is administered (i.e., AY12-13, AY15-16, AY18-19), although exceptions can be made if there is a time-sensitive need for insert results. ISA will administer any requested inserts during the years in which the campus-wide survey is not being administered; in addition, college/departments/programs can revise their inserts for any “off-year” administration.

Inserts will be available during each administration of the triennial Alumni Survey (e.g., Spring 2012, Spring 2015, Spring 2018), and can be revised prior to each administration.

For more information and suggestions about revising your insert, read the insert FAQ.

See copies of college/department/program-specific inserts administered in past years