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Employee Engagement Survey: Live March 25 – April 12

NC State’s permanent, full-time employees are invited and encouraged to participate in the Spring 2024 Employee Engagement Survey (EES), which will be live March 25 through April 12, 2024. The EES is sponsored by the UNC System as part of the system’s strategic plan and is designed to collect information on workplace satisfaction from faculty and staff at all 17 UNC System institutions. This is the fourth administration of the biennial survey. The survey is administered through an outside vendor, ModernThink, that will send employees an email invitation and reminders that include a unique link to access the survey. Employees can take up to 30 minutes during their normal work hours to complete the survey.

The survey team in Institutional Strategy and Analysis is responsible for analyzing the aggregate survey results provided by ModernThink and preparing reports based on those analyses. Reports on results of the 2022 EES are available online. More information about the 2024 EES is available on from University Human Resources and from the UNC System Office.