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Course List Modification Information

How to Correct the List of Instructors and Courses to be Evaluated through ClassEval

ISA will post a list of all courses and sections offered by your department in the current term for each session, according to information obtained from Registration and Records and the Student Information System (SIS).  This course listing will occur several times during a semester with a corresponding email notification.  The first day of class and census date are two dates when a snapshot will be published.  The third snapshot day and time may vary based on the course session.  Please review this list carefully and update SIS as soon as possible so that we can be sure to include all appropriate sections in ClassEval.  If you feel you should be evaluated for a course and do not receive a snapshot notification that is an indication that you are not listed in an evaluated role for the course.  Once the final snapshot for the semester and session is taken no further changes can be made.  View Course Snapshots Login Required.

Next to each section on the list are instructor name(s), census enrollment, and a notation if it is combined with another section.  Also indicated is whether the section is currently on our list to be evaluated through ClassEval this semester (“IN” or “OUT”). There is also additional information used to determine the course evaluation status.

Errors in Instructor Information

To identify the instructor(s) for a section, we use information that your scheduling officer submits to Registration and Records on the appropriate SIS page.  We create an evaluation form for each and every instructor to whom the scheduling officer designates as primary, when no secondary is designated, or secondary instructors when designated.  This includes graduate teaching assistants indicated as instructors and not as support.

Please note that the role designated is very important as to whom is evaluated for a course.  Individuals listed as Classroom Instructors (CI) are always evaluated for a course.  Instructors of Record (IOR) are only evaluated when no Classroom Instructor is present.  In order for multiple individuals to be evaluated both must be entered at the same “level” meaning both as Classroom Instructor or both as Instructor of record (with no Classroom Instructor designated).

Sections without an identified instructor in the source Registration and Records file are excluded from this list.  This can be corrected by your scheduling officer simply by adding an instructor name in to SIS.

To correct instructor information, contact your departmental scheduling officer or Registration and Records Only your scheduling officer or Registration and Records can make changes to a courses’ information.

Errors in Class Information

To identify why courses are designated with the “noeval” attribute of the course in SIS see this university regulation: External Link

Section 3.5.  Courses that have enrollments too low to insure anonymity of student evaluations (n ≤ 4) or that do not present course material (e.g., undergraduate and graduate research, internships, independent study, supervised teaching) will not be evaluated using the university evaluation instrument. Other exemptions must be approved by the Provost.

Accordingly, scheduling coordinators can use the guidelines on this linked web page to exclude sections from ClassEval.

Note:  Combined (cross-listed and piggy-backed) sections are evaluated as one course if their connection is noted correctly in Registration and Records’ files.  Evaluation results are combined to make a single report.  However, if these courses are not correctly identified as combined sections (cross-listed or piggy-backed) in those files, then they will be treated as distinct courses.

To add or remove a class from the list of classes to be evaluated during the next evaluation window, the scheduling officer should:

  • Contact Registration and Records to update the “noeval” attribute in the course catalog for permanent status changes
  • Or update the individual section of a course for a specified term by adding the “noeval” course attribute in SIS to alter evaluation status for one term by close of business on date given for final course snapshot.