Course Snapshots

During the semester several course “snapshots” are taken and published for review.  There is a corresponding email announcement to scheduling officers and instructors currently listed for a course in the system of record.  These snapshots allow instructors and scheduling officers to review current course settings and how they affect ClassEval and their course’s inclusion.  If any changes are needed they should be directed to the departmental scheduling officer or Registration and Records.  Course snapshots are provided for informational purposes and these settings can only be updated by these parties.

View more information on how settings for courses and instructors are used as well as how to modify this information.

Snapshots are always taken on the first day of classes and then on the tenth day for all courses except those during Maymester.  In full semesters the final snapshot is taken prior to the opening of the ClassEval Question Bank when instructors may add questions and later assign them to their evaluations.  With all other sessions the final snapshot is taken a few days prior to the opening of ClassEval.  All snapshots dates are published on the ClassEval schedule.

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