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How ClassEval Works


ClassEval is the online system for course evaluations by students for NC State.  Through ClassEval, students are invited to give feedback to their instructors in a confidential and anonymous method to ensure the freedom to give thoughtful feedback on their courses.

It is very important that all students participate in ClassEval by submitting a completed questionnaire for every class they take, every semester, and every session. A high response rate and candid, thoughtful answers are essential for giving each instructor and every department useful feedback for improving the class in the future. All responses are confidential, and provided in a method to ensure every possible precaution is taken to protect a student’s identity.

Almost all classes are included in ClassEval.  Exceptions and the reasons for their exclusion can be found in the ClassEval Exclusion Guidelines page.

How ClassEval works

Students evaluate their instructors online via the ClassEval application.  ClassEval is open for students during the last two weeks of full semester classes and the last week of shorter sessions (see ClassEval Schedule).  When opened, students will be notified by their instructors and by an email announcement. Students will be asked to go to External Link and login using their unity ID. They will see a list of their classes and a short questionnaire for each class.  A daily reminder email is sent to all students with waiting evaluations to ensure the opportunity to evaluate their courses is not missed.  Student’s are automatically removed from the reminder system upon completion of all evaluations.

There are different questionnaires based on the type of course being evaluated.
View the ClassEval instruments.

For help, students can contact

Students do not have to complete an evaluation for every class in one sitting. They may, for example, complete one evaluation and then return to the ClassEval website later to complete the others. After submitting each evaluation, a green check mark will appear next to that class on the list of classes.

After the ClassEval website is closed, a report PDF Document is created for all instructors that includes the average rating for the class on a per question basis.  A separate report includes students’ responses to the open-ended questions.  All data – students’ responses and instructors’ ratings – are confidential.  Instructors will never know how any student responded to any question.


  1. From any computer use your favorite browser (Google Chrome is preferred) and visit External Link.
  2. Use your unity id and password to securely access your list of classes to be evaluated.
  3. Complete all the available evaluations for the term and the email reminders will cease to arrive. For questions or concerns send email to